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by GRIT Theatre

A new play about man's relentless struggle to define the world and beyond

Thursday 29 May 2008 - Sunday 15 June 2008

"Our heroes and our Gods, under scrutiny, have become dwarves. As if that was something they could ever be. That we could ever allow. That's why we rail against the day’s passing, struggle to get in another word or action, because tomorrow … tomorrow we may not know where we stand. Not recognise ourselves when we stop to look."

Ad astra per aspera (a rough road leads to the stars):
Inscription at Launch Complex 34 at Kennedy Space Centre where all three crew members of the first Apollo spacecraft died in 1967.

Jon Bonfiglio
Emily Agnew
Lighting Designer
Esteban Nunez
Matt Addis, Samantha Hopkins, Bill Hutchens & Ruth James


"If any further proof were necessary that small-scale productions have big ideas and can make them work, 'Pluto' provides it"