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Parvati's Dark Children: Rehearsed Reading

by Ramneek Singh

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Join us for a rehearsed reading of Parvati's Dark Children by Ramneek Singh, one of the winning plays in our recent play-writing competition.

Set against the backdrop of the Maoist insurrection in the jungles of Bastar, and drawing on mythology attributed to the Gond tribals, Parvati's Dark Children is a play about betrayal, resistance, and expropriation - of land, mythology and worldview. Calibrating themselves on the spectrum of political resistance, a human rights lawyer, his daughter in love with a Maoist rebel, a tribal woman in solitary confinement and a tribal jail guard, renegotiate their positions, creating a vital argument between liberalism and anarchism, pragmatism and idealism, violence and non-violence, cynical and reactionary positions, and above all, between settler cultures and the indigenous way of life.

Tickets are FREE. To reserve your place via Eventbrite, click here.

Ramneek Singh
Jacqui Marchant-Adams
Gopal Gautam (Mishra), Leesa Gazi (Sukdi), Ratna Malay (Nimrat), Ian Recordon (Sandhu) and Suren Seneviratne (Mangtu)