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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary


Friday 24 April 2015 - Saturday 25 April 2015


Sonámbulas is a collaborative exploration of the world of dreams. Three characters delve into the subconscious through dynamic, frenzied movement sequences; their stories and emotions becoming tangled in the sounds of live accordion. Sonámbulas take a trip into our subconscious where unrelated images and absurd stories exist.

Little Red Riding Hood

“Little red riding hood was my first love. I felt that if I could have married her, I should have known perfect bliss” Charles Dickens

NonFiction Dance present Little Red Riding Hood, a new piece inspired by the Grimm brothers’ famous fairy tale.

We’ve all heard the fairy tale. The little girl in a red cape, her encounter with the evil wolf in a dark woods...The story has been narrated through centuries, capturing imaginations and inspiring fear in children and adults alike. But who was the girl hiding underneath the red cape? And how did the story really end?

Little Red Riding Hood explores the mysteries of this beloved character, re-examining her relationship with the wolf and re-imagining her fate.

You will never think of Little Red Riding Hood the same way again.


"It’s a fantastic piece, executed with both passion and precision"- On Little Red Riding Hood


Choreographer for Sonámbulas
Justyna Sochaj
Music & Composition for Sonámbulas
Martina Schwarz
Choreographer for Little Red Riding Hood
Non-Fiction Dance
Dancers for Sonámbulas: Nashira Santanatalia-Goméz, Dorota Popińska, Justyna Sochaj. Dancers for Little Red Riding Hood: Dorota Popińska, Martina Vojtkova, Rowena Evans, Juan Ignacio Serradilla Mazuelas


“The piece had a Mitteleuropa/fairytale/early psychoanalytic quality; and something robust and straightforward, in its engagement with its subject matter, that was really disarming."

Agony Art Platform on Sonámbulas’ work in progress showing at Chisenhale Dance Space, June 2014.