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The Nightmare Dreamer

Tattooed Potato present – in sound, stillness and light; silence, motion and shadow – an exploration of the internal places we would rather not visit.

Tuesday 11 June 2013 - Saturday 29 June 2013
Post show discussions
18th and 25th of June

What happens when we give away our darkness?

Suppose you had nightmares, terrible nightmares, every night, night after night.

Exhausted and distraught, where could you turn for rest, for relief, for release?

Suppose there were someone who could dream your nightmares for you,

so you could have deep sleep and sweet dreams.

That someone is the Nightmare Dreamer.


4 Stars! "Imaginative, exciting and intelligent in equal measures..."

The Public Reviews

..."packed full of daring approaches, strong acting and bold imagery."

views from the gods

"The physical theatre incorporated into the piece lifts it to a higher level..."

Hackney Hive

"The cast were extremely impressive, without a doubt they made every second of this show a memorable one."

In Spirels Magazine

"This is fascinating and exciting physical theatre!"

UK Theatre Network

John Michael
Set Deisgner
Max Dorey
Sound Designer
Jon McLeod
Lighting Designer
Karl Oskar Sørdal
Costume Designer
Celeste White
Gerard Alvarez, Téo Ghil, Leonor Lemée, Txema Pérez, Fleur Poad, James Riccetto, & Louise Van der Post