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MYTHS Illustrated

Tuesday 18 November 2014 - Saturday 6 December 2014

This collection of illustrations created by artist Lizzie Kendal is based on the script of MYTHS – Greek Legends: A Comedy Remake, currently showing at the Blue Elephant Theatre. She is sister to the show’s Director, Jennifer Rose Lee with whom she is delighted to be working in collaboration.

By using a different medium to explore these stories, Lizzie hopes that her watercolours will bring a new and delightful perspective on the play during your post or pre-theatre cup of tea/ glass of wine/ sit down!

All works displayed here are for sale, ask the Blue Elephant staff for more information. For commissions and to see more of Lizzie Kendal’s work please see

The exhibition can be seen before and after peformances of MYTHS, Tuesday to Saturday. Appointments to see the exhibition during the day, Monday to Friday, must be made prior to visiting.