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Mi patria son mis zapatos (My Hometown is in my Shoes) and The Other


An evening of butoh-inspired dance

Wednesday 5 October 2011 - Saturday 8 October 2011

Mi patria son mis zapatos

A piece exploring the conflict of nomadic existence through movement, primitive drums and song. Can one find permanent residence in one’s own footwear?

Choreographer and dancer
Florencia Guerberof
Najib Coutya (voice and oud) & Elizabeth Nott (percussion)
Arata Mori

The Other


Lost in the night garden
A man comes across a strange creature
The Moth
Repelled by her
Yet intrigued
They dance towards the light

Genovel Andrei Alexa & Lucia Tong
Visual Projections by
SOnal, Luc Song & Maaike Anne Stevens