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In Memoriam


Tuesday 28 April 2015 - Wednesday 29 April 2015

In Memoriam is a reflection on the transformation which happens to people, their lives and their concept of normality during times of war. It is dedicated to women of the First World War - women who become the 'army behind the army'; women the bomb-makers, women the fighters, women who 'stayed behind', women addressed in thousands of letters and poems.

It is also a contemplation on war’s parallel realities, as history and events repeat themselves across space and time.

Inspired by war-time imagery and poetry of The Great War and performed by an exceptionally skilled group of dancers and musicians, In Memoriam brings together an explosive mix of flamenco and contemporary dance.

Direction & Choreography by
Masha Gurina
Original Music by
Steve Homes
Film Making by
Remigiusz Sowa
Design by
Sasha Vidakovic
Dancers: Elsa Arcaute, Carolina Esteves, Laura Heywood. Musicians: Steve Homes (Guitar), Demi Garcia Sabat (Percussion) & Javier Macias (Singer).

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