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Meet Me In The…


An evening of collective arts selected by three female choreographers

Thursday 13 December 2007 - Saturday 15 December 2007
Art accompanying 'Meet Me In The' by
Alec Moors

Marks That Behold

Sylvia Ferreira Dance Company

  • Director & Choreographer: Sylvia Dos Santos Ferreira
  • Musician: John Chambers
  • Dancers: Lorraine Smith, Jacqui Johnston & Wang Chen Chang

Marks that Behold has enticed and embodied the dark and light images of the Catholic religion. The work explores the dancers' and choreographer’s interpretation of those images. The piece does not attempt to make a statement about the religion: that is what the audience is there for…


Being Small Dance

  • Directors: Bruno Mathez, Lizzie Sells & Maria Svensson
  • Performers: Lizzie Sells & Maria Svensson
  • Composer: Benoit Seyrat
  • Film Designer: Bruno Mathez

Being Small Dance’s latest work is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. First performed at Abundance International Dance Festival in Sweden in 2007, this new adaptation sees two dancers and a video artist experimenting more abstractly with the notions of dreams and surrealism.

Six Litres of Air


  • Choreographer: Katja Nyqvist
  • Composer: Jacob Shirley
  • Performers: Katja Nyqvist & Jacob Shirley

Six Litres of Air explores the idea of breath as a rhythmic stimulus for movement and sound. It is a collaboration between a dancer and a musician playing the electric cello.