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Image-in Self (migration)

by Sanaa AbstraKt
Thursday 27 September 2012 - Saturday 27 October 2012

For Black History Month, we present Image-in Self (migration), inspired by a Polhemus assertion, which supports the idea that culture can be transcribed onto the body in a specific way that fundamentally includes identity. The body is just one of the myriad vehicles that can inscribe culture. Of the millions of ways to inscribe culture, be it music, language, or government, the body harbours the closest connection to identity. This is not to say that the body is the best vehicle to translate identity or even the most common, but it is intrinsically inseparable. Image-in Self (migration) is three pieces exploring how much information is encrypted on our bodies through everyday and seasonal migration, focusing on environmental, cultural and religious beliefs we are brought up with and ones we grow to learn.

Abby Gacenia set off on a visual quest to present others with a personal reflection on the following questions:

Does the environment shape our being and form our identity?

What do we reflect: the world’s image or God’s image?

Where do we find our purpose?

Open pre performance from 7pm and post show.

Monday to Friday by appointment