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Hide & Seek

by Temple Theatre

Tuesday 29 April 2008 - Saturday 17 May 2008

Set in the aftermath of environmental devastation, a woman scavenges amongst the ruins of the world she once knew. She discovers a baby and the things that matter the most become obvious as a result of the discovery.

Is she still looking for hope?
Can she find it?
And more importantly -
will she recognise it?

Using movement, puppets and original music, this is a tragi-comic tale of hope and humanity in the most desperate of circumstances.

Tal Jakubowiczova
Set designers
Lauren Smith & Kiera Blakey
Lighting Designer
Pablo Fernandez Baz
Costume Designer
Tomasin Cuthbert
Hutch Demouilpied
David Ford, Ariana Lebron & Dominic Leeder