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The Extra

Sally Marie (National Dance Awards Nominee: Spotlight Award 2007 & Outstanding Female Performance 2009)

Friday 1 April 2005 - Sunday 3 April 2005

from mum to mum from me

This dance is partly for her, it is partly her.

A bitter-sweet solo smothered in a smooth and deliciously deep icing of turns, jumps, spins and smiles. But the icing is brittle and it's beginning to crack... The dance drifts and slips, sliding away to reveal the deeper fears beneath.

The Extra

A Small Requiem for a Friendship

Everyone has lost someone they love, whether by death or goodbye.

Sepia dazed, via a string of gins & tonics and dances with invisible party guests, one woman attempts to reintegrate herself into a technicolour world that she no longer feels part of.

Interval piano recital by
Miaomiao Yu
Andy Hamer
Lighting Designer
Jonathan Samuels
Michael Channon
Steven Hanks


"This brace of bittersweet dance-theatre solos from an endearing and heart-felt eccentric should go down a treat" Time Out