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Clichéd & Mind The Gap

Dance & Theatre (double-bill)

Tuesday 7 December 2010 - Saturday 18 December 2010


Sebastian Rex Dance Group

Cliché: an overused expression or idea.

What happens when clichés are stripped from their meaning and being given new ones? Can Mendelssohn’s wedding march ever be used for the unhappiest day of your life? Will the Jaws theme tune ever signify anything less frightening or are there plenty more fish in the sea? Following critics’ choice in Time Out, SRDG return to the Blue Elephant with an exploration of the oldest phrases in the books…

Mind The Gap

Acting Like Mad

Mind the Gap is a playful exploration in story-telling, channelling into the futility of youth. Four friends go on holiday to London. They sit, talk, sleep with each other and play games in short staccato dialogue, with characters playing other parts in order to tell their stories. We get a glimpse into these young lives - their personalities and childhood traumas - in a quirky and energetic manner. Scenes are short and dynamic. Just like that sentence was. Even more so. Like that.

Review by Vicky Bell from The Public Reviews

Review by Olivia Parker from Running In Heels

Review by

Lisette Foster
Lighting Designer
Claire Childs
Lisa Bender, Nick Bosanko, Emma Brett, Eleanor Guest, Akiyo Ishihashi, Jean Magnard, Ughetta Pratesi & Tiffany Siede
'Mind the Gap' by
Sebastian Rex (Awarded a Peggy Ramsey Foundation grant in 2010)
Maria Prevelli
Lighting Designer
Claire Childs
Christian Devellerez & Sarah Hall


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