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Art in the Balkans - Half Life

by Filip Vujosevic

Tuesday 6 December 2005 - Friday 23 December 2005
Supported by
Neighbourhood Renewal Unit & Arts Council England

Whoever's spent some time wandering around the concrete shopping centres, tube stations, underpasses and old library buildings all over the Balkans would have been struck by the number of computer centres and internet cafés to be found. In them, all day and all night, youths in designer clothes are busy playing violent interactive video games with loud music playing in the background. "What else is there to do?” asks one of the characters in Filip Vujosevic’s play Half Life.

This is the reality, or rather the virtual reality, experienced by many young people in the Balkans: they live with their parents, are unemployed and without any real prospect of getting a job. They are in Europe , with satellite TVs, Champions League, mobile phones and all the global imagery of success in the 21st century. Half Life follows Bole, Crooks and Killer Belgrade as they prepare for the Counter Strike competition.

Directed by
Steve Harper
Mamoru Iriguchi(Winner of Best Design, Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2009)
Music & Sound Designer
Daniel Biro
Lighting Designer
Ben Pacey
Tarl Caple, Molly Davies, Claudia Duffy, David Newman & Grant Orviss


"A bravura promenade production by Steve Harper"