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The Applause Project

Wednesday 1 May 2013 - Saturday 4 May 2013

Is there a way to bring audiences and performers closer together?

Part game, part performance, The Applause Project invites the audience to share the space, and get up close and personal to the action. The rules of the game are simple, and direct the audience when, and how, to clap. Presenting a series of short dances, the company seeks to draw attention to the act of applause, asking is this when we are closest to the audience?

The Applause Project is a full length dance theatre experience, exploring the nature of applause and how to bring the audience closer to the action. Come and play at Blue Elephant Theatre!

You can keep you up to date with all the goings on direct from the rehearsal room and also updates from Joon Dance Company on their blog:

Joon Dance Blog


'Liberates an audience from our traditionally stale use of applause!'

Belly Flop