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Alicia Clarke at Blue Elephant Theatre

Tuesday 22 October 2013 - Wednesday 20 November 2013

Alicia Clarke and Retrospective's choreographer Mari Frogner are long time collaborators and Alicia has documented watching Retrospective come to life, from working with the seeds of an idea for the promotional pictures, to then seeing the piece develop in rehearsal. She presents this exhibition of photography alongside Retrospective and some of Blue Elephant's shorter runs of works this Autumn season.

Alicia is a London based dance photographer shooting movement imagery and reportage for arts organisations, PR and design companies. Her work appears in national magazines and supplements such as Time Out and The Guardian, and her dance clients include Laban, Greenwich Dance Agency and The Place.

This exhibition can be seen pre- and post-shows, Tuesday to Saturday. Appointments may be arranged in advance to see the exhibition during the day, Monday to Friday.