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The Wordcatcher

A bizarre tale of something and nothing, of sound and of silence both in the heart and in the mind...

Tuesday 16 October 2012 - Saturday 20 October 2012

Following Seemingly Invisible last year, Smoking Apples return to the Blue Elephant with a new piece. Using puppetry, physical theatre and live music, its characters try to fix things in place that don’t fit together and through the expert use of miscommunication, the audience will witness how the holes and gaps in this story fill a void rather than leave one.

Smoking Apples aim to ignite an adult imagination, confronting the most human situations and allowing the minds of their audiences to run free.

“Their use of puppetry, in the broadest sense, is creative and exciting" – Puppet Centre Trust

Photos by: Jax Braithwaite


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Molly Freeman, Matt Lloyd & Hattie Thomas.