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Casting Calls at the Blue Elephant!

Date published
Thursday 6 September 2018

We are casting for two projects at the moment!

Baa Humbug
Our in house Christmas show aimed at ages 4+
Four actors needed (any age, ethnicity or gender)

Dates needed:
Rehearsals: Currently planned for two weeks - the week of October 22nd & December 3rd
Performance Days: December 8th to 15th (excluding the 10th) with two shows a day.

Please see the
Baa Humbug Casting Call for all information

All Aboard with Mr Windrush!

A storytelling performance for young people, funded by Southwark Council's Black History Month Fund.
The time commitment is 4.5 days in total, including October 12th and 20th.
For this performance, we are seeking two Black actors, one to play Sam Beaver King and one to play all other characters.

Please see the
Mr Windrush Casting Call for all information.